Boston Marathon Part 2 – There’s more to life than running!

 The Boston Marathon was incredible but there was so much more  to going to the Boston Marathon than just running.

The best DOG ever…Boston Quincy Market

The McDonald Home in Walden

The McDonald Home in Walden

We were met at the airport by Dan McDonald. He and his Wife, Margie, hosted us while we were in Boston. They let us stay in their historic 140 year old home with them and their three Daughters and were our personal tour guides through the city. They are such wonderful people and a great family.

Margie and Dan both work for the Boston Museum of Science. The museum puts on a promotion called Race to the Alter Wedding Marathon and the winners get a free wedding and reception completely paid for. Margie arranged it so that Lynette and I would be one of the winning couples. 

Renewing our wedding vows by Charles River

Renewing our wedding vow by the Charles River

 We were interviewed by several of the newspapers then afterwards were guided outside and to a Minister who performed our Wedding next the beautiful Charles River. It was very romantic. Technically this was our third wedding. Our first one was performed by our Bishop, number two was 10 years later at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple and now number three in Boston.

Amazing food for a reception from Wolfgang Puck CateringAfter the ceremony they gave us a really nice reception complete with food, cake and even a DJ. It was a nicer wedding than the wedding we gave ourselves.

Afterwards we changed back into our grubbies and went on a ‘Duck’ tour through the city. A Duck boat is an amphibious car/boat thing that the military used in the war and the museum still uses for tour rides. We road through the streets with our tour guide, Major Tom Foolery, as he showed us the sites in the great city of  Boston, Massachusetts. We even left the roads and he drove us right into the river and under the bridges. He brought Lynette up to the driver’s seat and let her steer for a while.

Lynette Driving the Duck Boat

Lynette Driving the Duck Boat

Old Ironsides… the oldest commisioned still operating

What would a trip to Boston be without visiting old ‘Ironside’ or the U.S.S. Constitution. This is the oldest still commissioned war ship in the U.S. Navy.

Close up of my face Riding the Subway in Boston

I have eaten at Subway Restaurants but I had never ridden the subway before. It was fun but in a scary way. I never really knew quite where I was. Thank goodness Dan McDonald rode with us and basically held my hand and showed me where to go or I might still be there to this very day trying to figure out what the heck I needed to do.

Fenway Park 100 years old this year

We went to Fenway Ball Park! They were celebrating their 100th year anniversary! They never updated their scoreboard with electronics. It’s still done the old-fashioned way with people hanging numbers on hooks.

The fairbanks House the oldest frame structure still standing in the US. Lynette’s family originally build this home in the 1600s.

Other sites we visited were a reconstructed steel mill from the 1600’s and the Fairbanks home. The Fairbanks home was originally built in 1630 and is the oldest still standing frame home in the United States. Lynette is actually related to these people.

The Regulars are coming! The Regulars are coming!

We saw Bunker Hill and the actual church that Paul Revere hung his lanterns in to warn the people that, ‘the regulars are coming’. It was explained to us that since everyone back in those days were British he never really said, ‘the British are coming’, but in fact people referred to the British as the ‘Regulars’.

While I was running a fellow runner came up behind me and said he saw my ‘I’m a Mormon’ video.  It really made me feel great. I had another runner tell me he ran the Las Vegas Red Rock Marathon the month before and recognized me as a runner in that one too. I almost asked him how the heck he knew it was me and then I remember I was the only guy there with a blue and orange dragon tattooed prosthetic leg. 

The LDS Missionary recongized me from the “I’m a Mormon ” commecial and asked to have a picture taken with me… I’m famous lol

Thank you so much McDonald family for letting us stay with you, thank you so much City of Boston for a truly once in a life time marathon experience. Thanks to my wonderful family and friends for all their love and encouragement. Let me end by thanking one last person, my Father in Heaven for the opportunity to to what I do and having the time of my life doing it.

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