Halloween for Gimps – Embracing One Legged-ness

Here are some costumes that unless you are missing a leg you will never be able to a  achieve the full splendor of.


Over the past few years I have searched  for Halloween costumes that embrace my  special attributes.  The first year was easy, all amputees need to be the notorious  “Peg Leg Pirate”. Mine was created with the a homemade peg leg made with a black plastic sprinkler hose and cap. (not recommended.. Ouch) The next costume was inspired by Disney’s “Brave”.  King Fergus who lost his leg to an evil bear.

Hershel and Michone  from Walking Dead

Hershel and Michone from Walking Dead

Last but not least, this year I dressed up like the Hershel character. Thank goodness for Walking Dead for  creating an  amputee in this last years season. There are a limited supply of one legged  Halloween ideas.  Not sure what next year will hold…..

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