Doing the Half or Fool Marathon?

Hey look at me I'm a fool marathon runner.

Hey look at me I’m a fool marathon runner.

Thanks to the kind souls at the Deseret News Classic, I was able to do another marathon last week. They generously comped fees to Achilles runners in the race. Since my race allowance is gone until we get a little more fundraising going I was more than happy to run another Utah marathon.

My running guide Blain and friend Sabra.

My running guide Blaine and friend Sabra.

This race was to be fun and  get some attention for Achilles International. The other Achilles runners opted for the shorter races. My wife suggested doing the half marathon this time that way I could enjoy the day, run an easy 13.1 half marathon and finish with the majority of other runners.


Ran into my friend Larry Malcolm. World record holder for most marathons. He is at every race. Literally!!! He almost has 1400 marathons.

Half marathons have become very popular. Everybody loves the half. Everyone except those foolish few that like the “fool” marathon. Some where along the line my brain has switched into crazy mode and I actually like doing the “fool” marathon better.

It is true that I had to catch the bus hours earlier that the half marathoners. In fact my bus left at 3:00 am to take me up the canyon. Then the “fool” marathon  starts at the crack of  5:00am. This race gave me the privilege of running in 95 degree weather for several hours longer than the half marathoners. As the day and the heat progressed the water stations offered only warm water by the time I reached the last 13 miles. It was a hard  race because of the heat. In my disillusion it all seems worth it to get that moment of glory. You know the one, when you get to run along the parade route with people cheering jubilantly. I give them high fives as I run. “Yea look at me!!! I’m a fool marathon runner”

July Marathons are brutal

July Marathons are brutal

I arrived at the finish line just in time to see the last Creamy Popsicle van pulling away. Curse me and my love of the fool marathon. If only I had opted for the half marathon I would have had  as many Creamies as my little heart desired. Orange, chocolate, banana. They would have all been there.”

I finished the fool marathon in 5:40 and collected my medal (which incidentally did not differentiate between the half and the full ). Being the fool that I am I was so proud at the completion of my 38th Marathon. Yea me!


My half /full marathon medal. Seriously shouldn’t their be some differentiation between  a FOOL marathon

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